November 2014

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 Lowry Holiday event December 20th
Make plans to attend the Home for the Holidays Festival!

Ascent Health Center

 HCG Weight Loss plan at Ascent Health Center
Do you know how great it feels when you step on the scale and discover that youíve lost five pounds? You feel a little more attractive, confident and ultimately more motivated to lose another few pounds. Well imagine stepping on a scale to find that youíve lost 1 or 2 pounds . . . each day! Yep, those are typical results for the HCG Weight Loss Plan. Talk about instant gratification. Nothing can motivate you to stick to a diet quite like seeing speedy results on a scale. So just in case youíre one of those people who are putting off the start of this rapidly effective diet, here are some great reasons to go for it before the binge eating season begins!

1) You'll look better and that means feeling better! Looks arenít everything but imagine looking in the mirror to see your self without that extra weight. Imagine fitting back into that little black dress or the suit you wore to your wedding.

2) You'll be healthier. There is no question about the health improving benefits of losing weight. Many studies confirm an association between being overweight and an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, joint problems, and a number of other medical conditions.

3) Your energy will improve. Lugging around an extra 30 to 50 pounds can be exhausting. Running, hiking, even a walk in the park can be significantly harder when youíve got that extra weight. Wouldnít it feel great to have your energy back to do all the things you used to do?

4) Your diet will improve permanently.Entirely too many people donít realize when they are full and even more donít realize just what a small portion it takes to actually satisfy their hunger.

5) Exercise not needed. So many people complain that there just isnít enough time to get to the gym. With HCG, simply eating according to plan and taking the drops are the only two protocols.

So what have you got to lose? Oh, how about pounds, inches and body fat, while your personal gains include increased confidence and greater self-esteem. Call us today to get started!

Live healthy,

Dr. Julie Marchiol, DC FIAMA
303 343 8800

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Orangetheory Fitness

 We're a drop off location for Dolls for Daughters and Toys for Boys
*October 13th through December 5th Lowry will be a drop off location for the 5th Annual Dolls for Daughters and Toys for Boys Toy Shop. This benefit will provide assistance to 3,500 children. Dolls for Daughters and Toys for Boys Shop plan to provide each child with a new toy, a stocking, a new stocking stuffer, a new book/bookmark and a new toothbrush and toothpaste kit. We ask you to donate a new wrapped toy and place in the designated donation box! What a great way to support children in need over the holiday season!
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Salty Rita's

 Salty's NFL Specials Valid during ALL NFL Games

Calendar of Events at Lowry Town Center
Saturday Dec 20 Home for the Holidays Event

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